Iran is a country we feel that in general is very misunderstood in America, given the political animosity between the two governments.

As visitors for three weeks in May of 2017, we were welcomed, literally with open arms, by the Iranian people.  They were truly delighted to meet us, wanted to take ‘selfies’ with us dozens of times a day, and were very concerned with our opinion of their country.

They are rightfully proud of their long history, their incredible architecture, and the cultural contributions they have made to Western civilization.  Tehran is a very modern city and decidedly more liberal than most of the other cities and villages we visited.  The food throughout the country was absolutely delicious.  Iran is a huge country, and the variety of terrain and climates was also a delightful surprise.

We deliberately chose to not delve into politics, so cannot really offer any significant observations on how the Iranian government is impacting the lifestyle of its people.  Our goal was to simply meet and photograph without judgment.

It was truly one of the more exceptional trip opportunities we have ever had.

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