Images of Our World

by Jennifer Sahn

The world we live in is so easily circumscribed by the geographies and communities we traverse on a daily basis, for that is what we see, what we know.  Dan Mead and Sally Eagle’s photographs are an inspiring reminder that our world is in fact much larger and more exotic - and fascinating beyond belief.   In Images of Our World,  Mead and Eagle have collected stunning landscape photographs, compelling cultural scenes, and intimate images of animals to create a vivid and lively journey for the viewer, who cannot help but be drawn in and transported to far away places, if only in the mind.

Each image is a story in itself, a porthole to another place and time.  And there is much to see in the details frozen therein, if one will take the time to stop and look deeply.  For each moment rendered timeless by the click of the shutter, one can imagine the before and after, or simply dwell in the endless present.  Questions may arise, from which answers could be sought - and what a gift is that, to be made curious about another culture or landscape, to be compelled to find out more?  The inspiration of an enticing topography, of a traditional ceremony witnessed, of a wildlife sighting garnered after watching and waiting a long while - these are the rewards that Mead and Eagle confer through these images, which were taken with not just a keen eye but with a generous measure of humility and respect.

Images of Our World is at once a fast paced trip around the globe and a meditation on the essence of place.  Spanning five continents, this body of work captures the spirit of what it means to live in a global era:  wherever we may be, we are firmly footed on a planet that is teeming with diversity - cultural, biological, geographical.  This is our world. May our wonder for it grow continually, and our empathy for others be ever renewed.  Mead and Eagle are doing their share to insure that it may be so.

EXHIBIT Information

Over 35 prints (12”x18”) to choose from, depicting culture, wildlife and landscapes from around the world. This exhibit works well in smaller spaces.


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