Earth Designs

By Jennifer Sahn

The surface of the Earth is elemental, multifaceted, ever changing, and stunningly beautiful. It speaks in a multiplicity of forms—from water to ice, rock to sand, forest to desert—a tablet inscribed by some force larger than us, a force you might describe as holy. Dan Mead and Sally Eagle pay homage to this force in their new exhibit ‘Earth Designs.’Peer down into the sloping cone of a volcano and into the jagged crevasse of a glacier. Witness a lone tree at the base of a giant sand dune and a lonely rocky peak poking up through the clouds. Behold a moment of quiet liquid reflection and the impact of the powerfully pounding surf. Stop, linger, and submit to the spell these geographies cast upon those who see them.

The patterns here repeat themselves, suggesting the presence of a sustaining logic beneath the perpetually changing interface where earth meets sky. Lines and circles, squiggles and angles, there is beauty here—but something more as well. There is, if you look closely, an assurance that the Earth is strong enough to withstand certain stresses, and that where it is not strong it is pliant by design. For here are ancient seas rendered in rock, as well as rock faces worn away by wind. There is a covenant hidden in these images as well—an invitation to wonder at the variety of landscapes the world has to offer, alongside an obligation to see that such places never be destroyed.

"Earth Designs" is a photographic profile of an elegant and endlessly fascinating Earth. It is a dynamic and alluring convergence of shapes and colors, light and shadow. But more than anything it is a love poem: to a planet worthy of awe, wonder, and whatever other faculties might help us appreciate how truly special it is.

EXHIBIT information  

This show offers over 25 landscape images from around the world, in large format (20”x30” prints), and can be modified according to interests and/or space limitations.


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