Land of the Thunder Dragon

In this exhibit, Dan Mead and Sally Eagle feature images from their extensive travels to Bhutan over the past 13 years.  Intimate and broad-reaching, their images evoke a sense of timelessness in this treasured land which is nestled between the giants India and China.  For centuries Bhutan has existed in relative peace and tranquility (albeit not without internal struggles for power).  It is a haven known for its medicinal plants, feudal hierarchies and rich Buddhist traditions all set against the backdrop of a primarily agrarian way of life in small villages surrounded by vast forests. As the country opened up in the mid-1970s, the Fourth King sought to bring his country forward without losing its ethnic identity. Mead and Eagle have documented many of the elements that make Bhutan so unique: its monastic culture, the 16th Century fortresses, Buddhist festivals and tantric dances as well as its majestic landscape.

EXHIBIT Information

This show includes 18 large format prints (20”x30”) and 4 smaller images (12”x18”), representing images taken exclusively in this Himalayan country.